Marilyn Fleming

I am the founder of The Returning Clarinetist. I've got the reputation in some circles as Ms. Clarinet Tech because I'm always looking for the next new app or gadget. When the new top level .tech domains were announced, the first thing I did was register clarinet.tech. (I own the domain, but it's not in use yet.)

The pinnacle of my clarinet-playing career came in 1963, when I made first chair in the New Mexico Allstate Band. I continued to play through college, then moved on to a career as a computer entrepreneur. I returned to clarinet playing in my retirement years. I am a regular in the Clarinet Mentors community, and a founding member of two Facebook Etude of the Week groups. I also served as QA Advisor for the Modacity music practice app, and recently co-authored a clarinet method book with Dr. Deborah Andrus.

Everybody always wants to know about your setup. I play on a one-year-old R13 Greenline, M13 mouthpiece, Rovner Versa ligature, 64mm Moennig barrel. Synthetic reeds - Legere European Signature, 3.5.