a directory of apps, web sites, software, and other technology of interest to returning clarinetists.

THIS PAGE IS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE, A WORK IN PROGRESS. Just a list of resources. Not recommendations or reviews. The ones marked by ✅ are things that I do (or have in the past) use somewhat regularly.

latest update: 2022-04-07

Articles and Videos I Really Like

Tuners and Metronomes

Total Energy Tuner - the tuner with the smiley faces
Tunable (the iOS version version will track intonation while you play and give a report % in tune by note)
Time Guru - metronome that randomly skips beats, so you can practice steady rhythm
Metronomerous (Android only)
Korg Tuners (mechanical, various models)
✅ Boss DB90 metronome (mechanical)
Tactile Metronomes - work by feel rather than sound

Practice Tools

Modacity Music Practice (iOS only)
Rhythm Trainer, Demax (Android)
Complete Rhythm Trainer, Binary Guilt Software (Android)
Rhythm Teacher: Music Beats, Gamya (Android)
Scales Practice, Stonekick (Android)
AnyTune -  Mp3 player with tempo and pitch change, loops, and bookmarks. Mac/iOS Only 

Performance Certification Programs

These groups do music exams and assessments, and assign grade levels. Even if you don't want to take an exam, the exam requirements and graded repertoire selections are useful.

Sheet Music Download Sites

Clarinet Institute (most of the music is playable on clarinet. New piece up every day.)

Playalong Accompaniments and Jam Tracks (accompaniments played and recorded by a professional pianist)

Music Notation Software

MuseScore (Open Source)

Convert PDF to Editable Sheet Music

Audiveris (open source) (practice, performance, wellness, etc.)
Clarinet City

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), Desktop

Garage Band (Mac)

Digital Audio Workstations, Online and Mobile

Acapella (iOS only; Android version doesn't work well)

Recording Apps

Dolby On - Android and iOS, record Audio/Video, Livestream

Popular External Mics for iPhone/iPad

These connect via the lightning connector:

If you have a camera adapter, you may be able to connect standard USB mics. I know I can connect my Zoom H2n that way.

Cheap lapel mics that connect via 3.5mm jack are not very useful for recording clarinet.

A key feature to look for when shopping for iPhone mics -- you want one with Gain Control. The reason the built-in mic gives poor recordings of clarinet is that the clarinet is too loud, and it overloads the mic unless you are several feet away. Gain Control allows you to turn down the volume to a manageable level. Never set Gain=Auto when recording clarinet.

Popular External Mics for Desktop/Laptop

For connecting directly to a computer you want a USB mic; for connecting to an audio interface you want an XLR mic

Blue Yeti  (USB)
Audio-Technica AT2020 (separate USB/XLR models)

This only a handful of the many possibilities. I actually get decent results from the mic on my Logitech C920S HD Pro Webcam that cost me about $30, but it is no longer available.

Portable Recorders

Zoom H series (audio)
Zoom Q series (audio and video)

Video Recording Software

Video Editing Software

Live Streaming

Online Jamming in Real Time