Clarinet times have changed, and it's all because of the Internet

One big difference between playing clarinet today vs. back in the 1960's is the Internet. Listen to performances, download sheet music, buy anything from a $25 box of reeds to a $10,000 clarinet, or get advice from professional players and teachers, all with the click of a mouse.  Here are a few of my favorite clarinet web sites.

If you're working on Mozart Clarinet Concerto, or Cavallini Caprices, or Rose Etudes, or pretty much anything else and want to hear what it should sound like, this is the first place to go. Use your own judgement for quality though because anyone can post videos on YouTube -- including you and me.

Clarinet Mentors
This site has been described as "the largest online educational clarinet provider in the world." It specializes in resources for adults either returning to clarinet after many years or learning it later in life. Lots of free training resources in addition to the paid courses and events.

Jenny Maclay, Clarinet
Jenny's blog has been going strong for about five years now. She's best known for her "Boot Camps" where she lays out a practice plan for completing a major fundamental book in a month.  Think about completing all of Baermann Third Division, all 32 Rose Etudes, or all 48 Uhl Studies in just a month.  Quite an undertaking. She also does lighter posts, like Which Ghost of Clarinetists Past Will Haunt You This Halloween?

BulletProof Musician 
This blog specializes in performance psychology and effective practice.  The author is a performance psychologist on the faculty of The Juilliard School.  A sampling of posts:  How Many Hours a Day Should You Practice?, Why the Progress You Make in the Practice Room Seems to Disappear Overnight, How to Keep Your Cool Backstage Before Auditions and Performances.

Sheet Music Sites

IMSLP: Free Sheet Music PDF Download (also some audio recordings)  

Clarinet Institute Free Music

Free sheet music on (also jam tracks, music theory, and more)

Free Flute Sheet Music - It's a flute site, but most of the music is also playable on clarinet. New piece up every day.

World Free Sheet Music (PDF, MIDI, MP3)

Classical Sheet Music Downloads